Springtime in Japan! Setsubun (known in English as the “Bean-throwing Festival”) is a fun traditional holiday that is celebrated on February 3rd. Throwing beans at evil spirits and demons rid the house of bad luck and bring in good luck and keep children away from bad health & sicknesses. Throw some beans!


There will be a enormous sales that happen during the summer. Keep an eye out for the time-sale deals(daily sales that occur throughout the day at specific hours), save some money and get fantastic deals!

There are many events to be shared for all ages! Events that cuddle your heart’s desires. Music, food, goods & services, and most importantly, libations!


Do you ever want to escape wearing the mask of the day-to-day monotony. Well, the Halloween season, lets you express yourself with more freedom to be whatever you want for the night. Dracula, Wolfwoman, you can even dress up as an Evil Business Manager if that floats your bubble. Have fun and do what you like! Trick or treat!

Beginning at the end of November, Christmas lights fill the streets. The entire stretch of Jizo Street will be illuminated with special light shows & attractions that will captivate your imagination and open up a whole entire world of possibilities! Keep an eye of for special Christmas draws & contests for special deals & savings. 


In celebration of the new fiscal year, celebrate with the Business Gods! A lot of gigantic end of year sales & beginning of the new year sales! 




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