A retro street in Tokyo : Jizo shopping street

​▲Kosodate jizouson

There are over 80 unique shops that are sprinkled along the stretch of Jizo Street. From the weird and obscure to general fare, there is always a shop that caters to your deepest desires. Explore the various vendors & shops, hop from one door to another and have friendly conversations with the knowledgeable people you happen to meat along the way. You’ll also get a taste of the day to day life of the everyday Tokyoite. There is a deep sense of the old of Japanese culture that still resonates within the shops and personalities you will cross paths with along Jizo Street. While on your adventure, don’t forget to stop by and say hello!

Every month

On the last Sunday of every month there are a plethora of festivals where you can visit food tents & outside vendors selling handmade goods. There are many live outdoor music events & random performances to enjoy. It’s a great way to localize your experience and enjoy local favorites. Come on by, and tent shop to your heart's content!




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