Japanese Garden

Take a relaxing stroll through some Japanese gardens

which change scenery along with the seasons!

Trek around the gorgeous green hotel garden.Visit the 3-story pagoda,and meet statues of  Japanese gods sitting among the beautiful flowers  and natural backdrops. In June, the fireflies show their lights.

*Walks can be joined by guests making use of the hotel.

You can see a wave of unique flowers from Kumamoto  blooming around the reconstructed old villa that  belonged to Kumamotohan Hosokawaka. There are Higo Camellia, Peony, Calamus  and Camellia patches throughout the garden. There are historically traditional rest stops and rooms  along the garden paths where you can observe  the lush natural scenery.

The famous Japanese poet, Matsuo Basho used to live here during the Edo Period. You can still see some ponds & gardens that have remained unchanged from the passage of time.

Edogawa Park is a long park path that runs parallel to the Kandagawa River. During the beginning of the spring season, the Sakura flowers are in full bloom. Many people can stop along the path, rest at the benches, and relax while viewing the cherry blossoms

Grab a bite to eat and do a little shopping while strolling through Jizo Street. There are many cafes and shops that specialize in bonsai plants and obscure curiosities of Japanese culture.

Japanese History

Meander and zigzag through the neighborhood streets where you can see some buildings & architectural remnants dating back to the Edo, Meiji, and Showa periods of Japan.




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