Breads, Sweets, & Deep Fried Extraveganza!

Jizo Street Finger Food Gourmet Craw

Fluffy Soft baked bread!
On of Jizo Street’s special
bakey locations.
Try some of the famous
fluffy soft baked bread here
at Nakanoya Bakery on Jizo Street!
The Chococorone at Saint Etoile Bakery. Chococorone is a chocolate custard filled bread horn & is very famous for being introduced in Japanese anime & is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world.

Shop:NAKANOYA Bakery


Try the amazing Dorayaki at Kisaku! Dorayaki are a traditional sweet red-bean paste sandwiched between pancakes available in variety of flavors, slightly sweet, gigantically delicious.

Shop:KISAKU Handmade

original rice crackers

Grab yourself some delicious Taiyaki Edogawabashi Naniwaya! Taiyaki are a very popular sweets that are fish-shaped waffle cakes commonly filled with sweet red-bean paste.


Asadaya Wagashi sweets & stuff. Black-bean Daifuku(sweet black- bean mochi) are sweet, healthy, chewy, and an excellent source of fiber!

Shop:Asadaya Wagashi store

Grilled chicken skewer goodness at Minanoya.
(grilled chicken skewers) prepared in 7 deliciously mouth-watering ways.


Shop:MINANOYA Yaki tori shop

Saboten Deli. Deep Fried Heaven ~ best 3 Choose & chomp! Can be eaten as-is or with rice.
Dine-in or to go!
While you’re at OKKO,
be sure to grab some ham katsu! Ham Katsu - Super delish, panko crusted deep fried ham. Great side dish or enjoy as-is.
Shunsai Dining OKKO! Mini salad - mini-salad bowl appetizers made with seasonal ingredients that provide an explosion for your taste buds.

shop:OKKO Home cooked plates & boxed lunches

Specially crafted foods & goods that are unique to each shop locations.

The Special Jizo Street Collection

Kisaku hand baked rice crackers. Hand baked rice crackers (senbei) Hand baked, handmade, purposely cracked rice crackers with a deep soy sauce flavor, dipped twice for richer tasting experience.
Gyokuroen Tea Room. Konbu cha - Konbu(kelp) tea made from seaweed harvested off the coasts of Rausu, Hokkaido. Celebrating their 100th year anniversary, you can purchase a canister of perfectly balanced umami with every sip.

Shop:GYOKUROEN tea room

Ogasawara Islands natural salt - Naturally refined pure sea salt made from the famously clear Bonin Islands deep sea water.


Buongstaio Italia!
~ Italian white wines White wine The pure taste of white grapes with every bottle of Blanc de Blancs. The first sip is like a tidalwave blast of pure white grape wine flavor!


Buongstaio Italia!
~ Italian cheeses   Handmade Caciocavallo cheese, vacuum sealed, unaged, & unfermented buffalo Mozzarella imported from Italy. 
Musashiya Rice Shop.
Japanese Rice from Nigata.
Try some Nigata rice! Nigata is a part of Japan that is famous for producing some of the best organic rice in the world.

shop:MUSASHIYA Rice store

Finely crafted from Himalayan mined crystals.
Mabolocci Crystal Jewelry Beautifully handcrafted bracelets & rings made from genuine crystals.


Shop:KISAKU Handmade

original rice crackers





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